*My practice is full, and I don’t anticipate any new spaces for some time.



You know when your way of dealing with life just isn’t working anymore.  Are you wondering if change is possible for you?

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A therapist has three main roles to play:  To witness, to challenge and to support.  When someone sees you clearly and reflects what they see, then you grow to see yourself more clearly.  When someone challenges you on the ways you unintentionally keep yourself stuck, you are free to change your patterns.  When someone supports you with skill and care, you find courage to take new steps.

Psychotherapy can help you to become more at home with your own feelings, so you can guide yourself with greater clarity and awareness.

I have over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist in private practice working with adults here in Toronto. My professional style is attentive and responsive. You can count on direct feedback from me, and this means you will get a good sense of how we work together right from the first meeting.

I can be reached quickly through the contact form.